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Silas Funk began writing music when he entered college on a music scholarship in Los Angeles. There he immediately started experimenting with sound design on his synthesizer and started a non-stop life of song writing.

Funk played in a couple bands in his early 20's and recorded several EP's, but like most bands, they had trouble agreeing on a direction and eventually split up. During that time, he also started composing music for documentary programs, mostly NASA, until he could figure a way to record and release the music he really wanted to play. Finally in 2022, he decided to just go solo and play all the instruments himself and record in his home studio. 

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Silas Funk pulls mostly from the New Wave/Alternative bands from the late 70’s to the early 90’s. “In my opinion, I think that was probably the most creative period for rock & roll, where new sounds and direction were constantly coming out and messing with peoples ears until it became something everybody started to crave.

Even though Funk sees himself as a New Wave/Indipop artist, his training, both in voice and composition, has actually been in classical music. This is why much of his side work has been composing soundtracks for documentary programs. “I grew up listening to mostly classical, jazz and hundreds of movie soundtracks. So a lot of that influence seeps it’s way into the music. It can be fairly subtle, but it’s there nonetheless.”

Funk is proficient in playing all the instruments, but he primarily sees himself as a bass player, lead vocalist. “I can play all the instruments, but I tend to not play any of them in a typical fashion. Sometimes that bothers people, because in their mind, I’m not playing the instruments right or arranging the music correctly.  But for me, rock and roll has always been about breaking rules, so the last thing I want to do musically is what’s expected.”




His name comes from his Great-Great Grandfather, Silas Funk, who was a sheriff in Kearney, Nebraska and who had led a posse to try and capture the infamous Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Currently, Silas Funk lives and records in his loft in downtown Omaha, NE. He moved back there from CA in 2015 to focus on his music and art and away from the hustle of living in LA.

Silas Funk’s debut album, “SUGARFIXX”, will be released in the fall of 2023. Most of the 12 songs on the album will be released as singles throughout the summer/fall of 2023. The first on June 16, followed by a new one every 3-4 weeks until the full album becomes available.

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