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July 7, 2022

Friday 6:33 am

Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 10.04.37 PM.png

I’ve been relocated to a new test facility after the robotics lab fiasco. Don’t ask. It really wasn’t my fault. But TPTB want me under observation- quarantined basically, for an extended period while they clean up the mess and find me a new job or task or whatever. In the meantime, I’ve been reassigned temporarily to the archives to go through old test footage and salvage/digitize any fragments that didn’t burn in the lab fire. They’ve set me up in an underground vault- another one- in an undisclosed location. Not that I even knew where I was before, but this particular zone has no actual number. No signs. No cafeteria. No daylight lounge area. No parked cars. And very few people.  So now I really don’t know where I am, beyond the Nevada desert, an hour or so SSE of Lunar Dry Lake, off HWY 6.


It's interesting however, this particular vault gets its own daylight. Lots of daylight in fact. Some reflective tubes coming down from the surface, I guess. It's hardly conducive to being able to examine old film footage through a projector, but whatever. At least I'm not dealing with government issue, flickering, fluorescent bulbs.


The coffee is pretty terrible though, but that was expected.

And I'm being watched via security cams, 24/7, also expected.

And I'm sleeping on cot now, in the vault. That was not expected.

I'm really missing her.

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